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    FC-391E/M Metal Access Control
    FC-391 Metal Access Control is special metal shell, flexible keyboard, built-in high-end microprocessor, anti-interference ability, safety and reliability are very high with the function of self-diagnosis and self protection.

    FC-391E Metal Access Control supports to unlock by card (including EM card, EM compatible card, EM format encryption card), password, card + password. It can set the programming on the keyboard, do not need computer, easy to operate. 

    Product Introduction

    Metal Access control

    FC-391E/M Metal Access Control

    FC-391E/M Metal Access Control is designed for electric door locks and security systems, uses unique metal shell design, flexible keyboard operation, build in high-grade micro-processor and it has anti-interference ability, security and reliability are very high with function of self diagnosis and self-protection, supports to unlock by card (including EM card, EM compatible card, EM format encryption card), password, card + password. It can set the programming on the keyboard, do not need computer, easy to operate.

    Product Parameters

    Working Voltage: DC9-15V

    Working Current: <150mA

    Operation Temperature: -10℃-75℃

    Reading Speed: <0.2s

    User Capacity: 10,000 

    Exit Button: Support

    Door Sensor Alarm: Support

    Admin Card: Support

    Data Backup: Support

    Wireless Remote Controller: Support

    Alarm Output: Support

    Offline Use: Support

    Issusing Device: Keyboard、Admin card

    Size: 133.3×45×19.2mm

    Metal Access Control Features

    Metal Access Control Keyboard self-locking function, user can set the keyboard input error times and preset the keyboard self locking time to prevent others detect the password. Tamperalarm function, remove the equipment in the working status, it will alarm output and sound. It has superior interference function and self-protection function, to ensure the system working safely and efficiently. Data maximum can store 110 groups (including card data, password data, card + password data), it can be kept if power cut and the access controller also supports doorbell output. FC-391 metal access control with powerful function, easy to install and it is suitable for offices, homes and public places.

    Metal Access Control Product Size:

    Access Controller Product Size

    Metal Access control Product Size

    Wiring Diagram:

    Metal Access control Wiring Diagram

    Wiring Ports:

    +12V: Power supply anode, Metal access control input range: DC9-13.8V

    GND: Power supply cathode, it's also the common point of the signal

    NC: Normally close point of the relays, current load is DC3A / 30V

    COM: Common point of the relays, current load is DC3A / 30V

    NO: Normally open point of the relays, current load is DC3A / 30V

    PUSH: Exit Button, low level unlock

    DOOR: Door status switch, connected with magnet,low level means door shut

    ALM: Alarm output port, low level there is alarm, current load is 100ma.

    WGO:Wiegand 26 output data line (data 0 )

    FIRE: Connect the alarm signal (Connect GND trigger)

    BELL: Connected with doorbell

    Metal Access Control Indicator Light:

    1. FCARD: Power indicator, blue light.

    2. Doorbell: card indicator, green light means unlock.

    Structure Diagram:

    Metal Access control Structure Diagram

    Compatible with FCARD one card management system. Support: Access Control System, Offline Access Control System, Access Control & Time Attendance, Guard Tour,Canteen POS System, Water Controller, Elevator Access Control Board, Parking Lot System etc unified management,to realize one card management system with one card and one database.

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